Recorded Session

Recorded Healing Music Session

Receive a sound recording of a personalized healing music session channeled with your healing intentions at the center of session to support your self-healing. 

“It was a powerful and moving experience. I closed my eyes and just let the music speak to me, guide my thoughts. It felt almost as if you knew exactly what I have been going thru”  

“You have deeply touched my soul. Your healing music was the most wonderful gift anyone could give me. Your tones at the beginning of the session made me feel like I was in a monastery or in a spiritual place full of love, light and healing” 

  • To initiate this request, you will need to complete the two-step process below.  Once you submit your payment and confirm your purchase, please be sure to complete step 2, where you will provide your contact information and details about the intention of this recorded healing music session. You can also request this for a loved one. It is a beautiful way to support someone going thru a difficult situation at the moment.
  • You will receive a 30-min sound file with your personalized session via email within 5 business days of your purchase.

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Cost $50.00



Must be completed to create the personalized recording.