Ana Lucía

Ana Lucia Divins is a therapeutic singer, a certified Reiki practitioner and the founder of Azul Healing

Ana Lucía has been singing since she can remember. Throughout years of performing in the community sharing her voice through song, she witnessed the sacred and healing power of music, sound and connection– and what began as a process of creative expression and self-healing – led her to a serendipitous path of personal and professional transformation into sound and therapeutic music studies, achieving certifications as: Therapeutic Singer (Certified Music Practitioner by the Music for Healing and Transition Program), and Reiki Practitioner (by the Usui/Holly Fire® Reiki Systems of Healing) to fully accept the gift of channeling high-vibrational healing music. 

After much discernment and guided by a higher Divine purpose, she journeyed out of her corporate career and founded Azul Healing to support the healing process of many with therapeutic music and healing vibrations. 

Ana Lucia has had extensive experience providing therapeutic music to staff at Atrium Health and to cancer patients from the Carolina Breast Friends program (Latin-American support group) and Wellness House of Annapolis. Currently and in addition to her private sessions, she offers therapeutic music to residents of the Assisted Living Facility Asbury of Aldersgate and to patients and family members of Hospice and Palliative Care of Cabarrus County.  

“Over the last couple of years, I have going through a significant transformation and a deep self-healing process, preparing me to claim a life that is in better alignment with my purpose, a more authentic and a more fulfilled life.  This process has been challenging but totally necessary, and as part of this process I have leaned (and continue to do so) into the healing power and effectiveness of alternative healing modalities such as: energy healing, sound healing, intuitive movement, Reiki and journaling. We are in this process together and it is my honor to be able to hold space for you and your own processes through my voice and energy” 

People who have experienced her healing sessions describe them as highly soothing, cathartic, and transformational.